Accreditation of Prior Learning




Accreditation of Prior Learning is an umbrella term for the process in which we can give credit against learning achieved by you before entry to one of our programmes of study. The term encompasses both Accreditation of Prior Certificated Learning (APCL) and Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL).

APCL – Accreditation of Prior Certificated Learning is the recognition of learning that has been previously assessed and certificated by an education provider.

APEL – Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning is the recognition of learning acquired outside formal education and training systems (for example, through work experience).

Credit provides a means of quantifying learning outcomes achievable in a given number of notional hours and at a given level. Learning outcomes are used to identify whether you have demonstrated through assessment the minimum level of learning required to pass a module and thus gain the required credit. In this way previous learning can be identified which can be assessed and ‘credited’ against an award.

Module is a component of a course with its own approved aims and objectives and assessment methods. Modules normally consist of 10 or 20 credits and are taken at specified levels (for example, a module might be worth 20 credits at Masters level). Credit cannot be given for part of a module.

We can only accept an APL for a part of your programme and this will usually create exemptions from certain Units towards your final qualification.

To claim APL you will be required to gather together sufficient evidence to support your claim; this will usually include Certificates, Transcripts, copies of Module descriptions giving Learning Outcomes, credit value, level of study, assessment details etc.

We will then assess the evidence you provide against the Units for which you claim exemption. You will be notified of the result.



Accreditation of Prior Learning