1. Brigid Carroll

    1. University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand, b.carroll{at}auckland.ac.nz

  2. Lester Levy

    1. University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand, l.levy{at}auckland.ac.nz

  3. David Richmond

    1. University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand, dric050{at}ec.auckland.ac.nz


Competency frameworks, models, instruments and thinking have long been ingrained and utilized in management and organizational
life. Not surprisingly they have been transplanted both swiftly and seemingly easily into the leadership domain. While there
certainly have been discomfort and critique from academic and practitioner sources, nothing has emerged strongly enough to
date that would provide an alternative mode of framing and translating both leadership and leadership development in the different
contexts that seek to make it visible. In this article, consequently, we submit leadership and its development to the `practice
turn’ to enable a radically different perspective from a competency orientated one. The ontology, epistemology and methodologies
of practice are examined and translated to the leadership field. We argue that a focus on praxis, practitioner and practice
offers both challenge and transformation to the ways that leadership is bounded and constrained by current organizational
and managerial conventions.

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Leadership as Practice: Challenging the Competency Paradigm