1. Brian Crossman
  2. Joanna Crossman

  1. School of Management, University of South Australia, Australia.
  1. Dr Joanna Crossman, Room EM4–32, City West Campus, Elton Mayo Building, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia 5000, GPO
    Box 2471, Adelaide, South Australia 5001 Email: Joanna.crossman{at}unisa.edu.au


Despite growing attention in professional and academic literature, a commonly accepted definition of followership does not
seem to have emerged. The authors nevertheless explore some of the implications of followership definitions to date and build
on these to offer one of their own. A review of the literature ensues, highlighting descriptive and prescriptive behavioural
typologies, and situational theories. The paper argues that understanding the concept of followership better is likely to
improve training and organizational performance and concludes with suggestions for future research and some implications for
leadership/followership development.

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Conceptualising followership – a review of the literature