Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

These FAQ’s provide you with information about some of our policies and procedures. If these do not answer your question(s) please use the email form on our Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Payment & Fees

How do I pay for the course?

Each course has a fee and this is clearly listed in the Store. When you select “Add to Basket” this will first of all be added to your Basket and you will then need to Checkout to create the payment and gain access to your course. It really is that simple.

We also allow for a bank transfer as a means of paying for your course and you will find this option as you Checkout.

You can also be invoiced for the full course fees; this is a good option for organisations wanted to book a group of studetns onto a programme.

What if I do not have a PayPal account?

We can provide you with payment plan options to pay your fees over the course of several months; these are offered on selected qualifications and certain restrictions may apply.

You can also be invoiced monthly via PayPal (secure online payment) though this is subject to a 3% admin fee that is added to the total cost of the qualification.

There is also an option for you to pay via monthly bank transfer into our bank account; there is no admin fee.

If you would like to discuss payment options, or have a problem in paying, please use the email form on the Contact Us page.

Please note that no qualification certificates will be issued until ALL outstanding fees have been made.

Are your online payments secure?

Protecting your personal and financial information is very important to us. PayPal is a well established service that allows you to pay for goods and services, to send money, and to accept payments without revealing your financial information. PayPal is used in over 190 countries, with over 20 different currencies and by millions of people each day.

What if I want to cancel an order?

This is covered in our CMI Terms and Conditions which you received when you placed your order. Your can also view them here.

Tell me about my Training Course

Who are the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)?

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is a professional body located in the UK, with over 100,000 members, dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership. They are the only Chartered body in the UK that awards management and leadership qualifications.

Developing Managers works in partnership with the CMI to provide a range of professional qualifications in the areas of:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Coaching and Mentoring

To see our full range of CMI professional programmes, please visit our list of courses or visit the store.

When and how do I start my course?

Once your have “checked out” in the Store  you will be redirected into our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and directly into the course you have requested. If this does not work there will also be an email sent to you with full login details.

Once in your course there will be some information and an Induction process. We will provide you with information about;

  • Developing Managers Ltd.,
  • Chartered Management Institute
  • Your programme of study
  • Learning materials and assessment

There will be an enrolment and Registration Form for you to complete so that we can register you as a student with the CMI. They will be in touch with you within a few days via email with information about accessing their facilities.

Please ensure all the information on the Registration Form is accurate as a failure to do so may result in your programme being delayed.

We will arrange for your study materials to be delivered to you and will do this as soon as possible.

During this time your course tutor will introduce themselves, and keep you up-to-date thereafter. They will be your main point of contact C from this point on.

How long will the course take?

The estimated course length differs depending on the qualification. The length of time also varies depending upon the time you can commit to studying. As a basic guide:

Award: 6 – 8 weeks

Certificate: 4 – 6 months

Diploma: 6 – 12 months

Extended Diploma: 12 – 18 months

Though this will depend on how much time you can devote to your studies, how you get on with your assignments etc.

What about my tutor?

Your tutor will be an experienced manager, leader and coach who is well qualified in the management, leadership and coaching and also is an experienced and qualified teacher. They will be available via email, Skype or discussion forum in the VLE and will be your guide through the qualification responding to questions you may have.

If you are taking the course in a corporate setting, then it will be one teacher for a small group of learners and you will get to meet your tutor in person.

Are your qualifications open to those outside the UK?

Yes, they are. Individual students and companies wanting to send a group of students through the programme can make use of our distance learning courses with the only proviso being that access is available to the Internet and all students have a good understanding of the English language.

CMI qualifications are delivered and assessed in English.

Is there professional recognition with your qualifications?

Through our partnership with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) our qualifications are not only recognised from a UK academic awarding body, but from a professional institute as well.

How much help can I receive from my tutor?
We try to tailor the help and support to your needs and provide as much, or as little help as you require. You can contact your tutor when you need to and the best way of doing this is through the forum.
Will there be reading in addition to the course materials?

There are recommended reading lists for each qualification offered in addition to your learning materials e.g. workbooks and text books.

You can gain access to some of theses through Management Direct and you will also be able to get hold of a wealth of additional articles, questionnaires etc.

Through our partnership with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) our qualifications are not only recognised from a UK academic awarding body, but from a professional institute as well.

Will there be a Certificate?

Once you have successfully completed the qualification programme all of the quality checks have been made and all of the fees have been paid you will receive a formal qualification certificate issued by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).