Who is it for?

All Managers and Leaders, at any level, wishing to enhance the performance of others through the provision of effective mentoring.

How long is it?

One day

What will you do?

Through interactive experience, discussion and exploration, you will develop skills and awareness vital to the effective provision of mentoring as a performance enhancement tool.  The day will include:

  • What do we mean by “Mentoring?”
  • Creating a Mentoring culture
  • Setting up a mentoring programme
  • Creating a mentoring relationship
  • Working with another’s map of the world
  • Motivation and inspiration

How will you benefit?

You will be equipped to create a Mentoring culture within teams and organisations. With new skills and awareness, you will be able to provide stimulating, ongoing mentoring to individuals that will enable them to fit within a specific culture, adapt to desired working practices and enhance their performance long-term.