Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Programmes

Developing Managers Ltd is a CMI Approved Centre offering a range of leadership, management and coaching & mentoring qualifications. These are delivered either at Level 3, Level 5 or Level 7.

In a nutshell;

  • Level 3 is for first line managers
  • Level 5 for middle managers and
  • Level 7 for senior managers

You may already be operating at one of these levels in your organisation or have aspirations of operating at the next higher level. Wither way we can help you to decide which level is appropriate for you.

Further details of each of our CMI Programmes are provided on separate pages. For now watch the following video from the CMI;

When you join one of our CMI Programmes you will have the support of the largest leadership and management professional body in the UK, a qualified and experienced team of tutors and access to Management Direct to support you through your programme. To find out more about Management Direct watch the following video;

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