What do we do for business?

Here at Developing Managers we aim to help businesses like yours who are in need of Organisational Development which we provide in a number of different ways depending on YOUR needs and our diagnosis of the best solution for those needs.

Typically, our offering can be distilled into a number of separate offerings;

  • We provide a range of short courses typically of one or two days in duration as these proved to be more popular with businesses over the last few years though longer events can be delivered depending on your need.
  • We can chain a series of events together into a full Leadership Development Programme depending on your needs
  • A range of consultancy offerings is available in areas such as Strategy, Leadership, Change and Business Improvement/Performance Management
  • There are also a number of our CMI Accredited training courses in either Management and Leadership or Coaching and Mentoring

How do we do it?

To help us to meet your need in an efficient and effective way we use a five stage approach based on the acronym EDICT – as follows

  1. Entry:  in this stage we work with you to build trust
  2. Diagnosis: we use a number of tools and techniques to understand you more, and the situation that you are in
  3. Intervention: proposals that we make are designed to be in your best interests, so that you will always say “Yes”
  4. Contracting: following agreement we will put in place the contract and project plan
  5. Transition: then deliver on our promises to you

As a result of this five stage approach we are confident in creating something for you that meets your needs and which we feel able to deliver to allow your organisation to develop and grow.

In a little more detail

Should you need to know about some of the training courses that we have available then please click here

If one of our consultancy offerings is more likely to be beneficial to you then please click here

Which leaves me to say a few words about those organisations who opt for a Programme which is accredited and comprehensive in nature. We offer both our Management & Leadership and our Coaching & Mentoring qualifications in a taught format, blended format or distance learning format depending on the needs of your organisation and the learners who you wish to put through these programs.

Whichever option you choose we will use our bespoke Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to support your learners through your qualification so they will not feel alone as they progress on your learning journey. They will be assigned a tutor who will be available to them throughout the duration of their qualification to help with the learning materials and because it may have been some time since they have studied to also help with the writing of your assignments which we need undertaken at the end of each module of learning.

Why choose Developing Managers?

We have worked in learning, training, development and coaching for many years and have delivered training courses in both non-accredited and accredited formats.  Our work with the CMI goes back almost 20 years and as well working as a CMI Centre we have also been engaged by them as expert consultants to create some of the range of learning materials that you may make use of in your qualification.

Clearly the CMI know us well and trust us to deliver on their qualifications and we would like to pass on that expertise to you and for you to know that we have the experience and competence to help you succeed.

To learn more about the range of qualifications available to you click here